Confessions of a born spectator by ogden nash

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Summary of the poem confession of a born spectator by ogden nash

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The Remorseful Day (Inspector Morse 13)

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42 Confessions of a Mortified Mom the taxes last us all the year!” ~Ogden Nash. Born in Chicago, she is proud of her Midwestern roots. Nov 03,  · Best Answer: Some are born to watch, some are born to play and then there are some who just look for a chance to criticise.

There are some who just accept what they have and have no Status: Resolved. Confession of a born Spectator Friday, 26 December By Ogden Nash One infant grows up and becomes a jockey, Another plays basketball or hockey, This one the prize ring hates to enter, That one becomes a tackle or center, I am just as glad can be That I am not them, that they are not me.

Well, this hero of the gaming table, Henry Weston, was aged only TWENTY-THREE years! What terrible times those must have been to produce such a prodigy! To the judge who tried him Henry Weston sent a list of a number of PROFESSIONAL GAMBLERS, among them was a person of high rank.

Summary of confessions of a born spectator by ogden nash - In this poem the poet is an admirer of sportspersons and he loves athletes/5(8).

Confessions of a born spectator by ogden nash
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